Woke up feeling a little grouchy this morning as we haven’t been sleeping too well the last couple nights and we are struggling with these Mosquitos.. not to be tooooo much of a downer. But anyway, we got up, dressed, stopped feeling sorry for ourselves and had some breakfast. Feeling a little better after some coffee we started work! 
Sooooo, apparently we hadn’t finished the windows! We needed to scrape the excess paint off the glass before they were complete.. its crazy how many steps there are to achieving the perfectly finished window – I have a new-found respect for anyone who does this for a living?! Even if it is a little repetitive, I do find it pretty therapeutic to do. By the time lunch rolled around we had ACTUALLY FINISHED THE WINDOWS 😱😊

Lunch was really enjoyable, but bizarrely it was a soup that included mince meat, which is a new concept to us. everyone was chatty and we were discussing alllll sorts for around an hour and a half. We then all went back to work.. but not for long! We hung up the completed windows, on the completed frames and it was all starting to come together! 😆

After, Leila “asked” us if they could remove the windows in our room, so we could refurbish them. This didn’t please us toooo much as we KNEW the Mosquitos would swarm into our room, making it even harder to get a good nights sleep! However, we eventually agreed (not that we could really refuse lol) and managed to take them off the hinges reaaally quickly preventing any Mosquitos entering our room – SUCCESS! 

Not an overly excitable afternoon, with very little worth writing about.. but we were all really keen for a chilled afternoon doing our own thing. Had a great chat with Ana, who is currently studying in Finland – her English is amazing, she is very sweet and seems very self-motivated .. even studying online whilst here! We all came together for a game of cards and a team cooked dinner, which again, was loooovely.


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