Overslept a tiiiiiny bit this morning, however we made breakfast for 8.30 and joined everyone downstairs. Work started indoors for us today! We were sanding down the brand new oak benches, chairs and table.. which are going to be placed in the fireplace room outside their sauna.. we very lightly sanded the furniture, cleaned it and then applied a lot of oil. This didn’t take toooo long as we were done by 11.  

We then offered to cook lunch, as Lelia was working and we had finished our job for the morning. We decided on a Mexican meal- chicken fajitas! We regularly have these at home, so it was all easy to cook! It was v yummy and everyone seemed to enjoy it. 

After our obligatory coffee break we then head outside to sand the exterior layer of windows from Kaarlo and Leilas room. They were in pretty bad nick so this took us a good couple hours. We were pleased to be working outside, as we were beginning to get a bit of cabin fever.. which we reckon was the reason for us feeling a little stir crazy yesterday! And a bonus was that the Mosquitos were pretty tame today!! 

We finished work a little later than normal, just because we wanted to finish them.. ready for the next step tomorrow.

The evening went by fast with a lovely Thai green curry for dinner (I swear we will be the size of a house in no time). We were replying to our other workaway hosts and planning the next part of our trip before settling down and relaxing to the end of Harry Potter. Again, not a wild evening, but we were pretty content. As much as we enjoy the very secluded, quiet lifestyle.. we are really looking forward to heading out of Angeli and being around a bit more ‘life’.


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