Its Friday – woooo! Our first job of the day was the clean the sauna. As this is a tradition finish sauna, it uses a fire to burn and then by throwing water onto boiling hot rocks, this causing steam. The sauna room becomes covered in a layer of coal and our task was the scrub this off! We put our music on a spent around 1.5hrs doing this, making it pretty enoyable! 

We then went back to the windows we sanded yesterday and prepped them and applied the base coat.. we’re pretty much experts at this now!! 😆🤗

We finished around 4.30pm and played cards almost the entiiiire evening! Was great chat and I’m pretty sure we were all delirious due to being stuck inside because of the awful weather – it was very cold and wet this evening!! 

Dinner wasn’t till late as Leila had to drive to the supermarket and didn’t get back till 8.30pm-ish. 


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  1. lauraangrace · July 16

    Oops!! I must’ve misunderstood what our Finnish hosts were telling us! Thank you 🙂

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