We had a looovely lazy morning, had breakfast around 10ish and then everyone spent the morning dozing, reading and relaxing… we cracked on with our tiny house designs 😊

After lunch, which was a really good salmon salad, Kaarlo and Leila suggested we canoe/boat over the river to Norway and go on a hike! We all geared up for the mosquitos, grabbed some water and head to the river. Grace, Anna and Julie set off in the canoe, whilst Kaarlo added the motor to the other canoe boat in order to go back and forth to take me, Leila and Luca aswell. I was struggling with my back a little today so managed to cruise over on the motor boat 😎

We docked the boats on the river bank (breaking leilas walking poles in the process) and head off through the forest. The scenery was pretty incredible already and a very easy terrain, which suited a Sunday walk perfectly. 

We came to a crossroads which you could go right down and head back to Finland via a main road, but we continued straight to towards ‘gold camp’.

We then entered a campground (bassevuovdi helligskogen) where gold miners come to stay – it’s very competitive here and companies come to the area to search for gold. They had these ‘hobbit hole’ style houses and one was even a sauna, just tucked away in the Forrest! 

We continued walking and then we came across a few families panning for gold. They had a pretty intense set up going on and must be planning on being there for a good few weeks. Leila approached one of the men (Morten) and they very generously invited us all to head down to the water and try gold panning for ourselves! 

After around 30minutes and witnessing quite a slow and tiring process, when done by hand, we walked further through the forrest and started quite a climb. Once we reached the top the view was beaaautiful across the river!

Kaarlo navigated a shortcut back towards the boat and within about 45mins we were back at the waterfront. Luca and Julie hopped in one boat and Kaarlo took Leila and Anna back to Finland whilst we waited on the riverbank. Kaarlo picked us up and took us on a stunning little detour down the river to show us a little inlet in the river which is technically back in Norway. We then head back to the house for some coffee! After a shower I came back to find the others all playing cards… classic.

Dinner was a chicken risotto at around 10pm.. but time I guess is a little irrelevant here with the 24hr sun! We settled into bed around midnight for a well-earned rest! 


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