16/07/2017 – 18/07/2017

Decided to merge these days all together as we didn't get up to tooooo much!

Sunday was again a lazy morning. Grace and I cooked up a nice English breakfast for everyone and then we all spent the morning relaxing.

Leila then suggested to go to kariniemi to climb the arctic hill. However, only some of us could fit in the car so me and grace stayed behind with Kaarlo, as we knew we'd have an opportunity in the future to go (because we are still going to be in lapland for another workaway).

They head off and grace and I went for a canoe down the river. It was laaavely despite the strong current and crazy ass flies/ wasps that were chasing us (see pics we accidently took when putting our GoPro on the wrong setting 😂). The boat was rocking all over the place hahah. We stayed out for about 45mins.

Came back in from canoeing and made some lunch for us and kaarlo. I was feeling a little emotional and a tiny bit homesick today but eventually got over that!

Leila called and asked us to start dinner (we are the chefs for today!!). We cooked pork and veggies on the BBQ with salad and rice.. was v yummy and Kaarlo even complimented us on our cooking (rare)

I unfortunately wasn't feeling too well on Monday so struggled a little throughout the day. Work today included us finishing up the windows we started on Friday and then we had to sand and clean up the emergency exit ladder before coating it in some anti-rust paint.

Lunch was an extremely random soup made with 'sisters sausages' and is supposedly a Finnish meal – its appearance was interesting, but was actually pretty yummy!

We spent the evening planning our further travels (or trying to atleast). Making a few changes to our itinerary and then relaxed all night.

Woke up on Tuesday feeling aloooot better!! We worked on the windows in our room today – just sanding and topping up the paint.. I'm still not over just how many windows there are in this place! After a delicious soup for lunch, I head upstairs to finish the windows, whilst Grace and Luca helped Kaarlo with filling the new laundry room with cement and finalising the floor! I then did the final yellow coat of paint on the ladder and we were done for the day!

Spent the rest of the day sorting visas (Grace's is a little confusing and we may be changing our plans a little.. it's all a bit exciting though!)

We had an early dinner and all head into the sauna to end the evening.. pretty ideal really 😊


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