19/07/2017 – 23/07/2017

Grace was back at the concrete allllll day on Wednesday withLuca and Kaarlo, whilst I continued to finish the windows! The weather was ridiculously miserable – very cold and wet! 😩

Thursday we actually finished the last of the windows in the house! They look great tbh! We also helped Leila with lunch and cleaned the house as there aren't too many jobs we can't start because Friday is our last working day here 😔😔

In the evening it was Anna and Lucas last night and our last evening as a big bunch! We said our goodbyes at night because they were leaving at 5am the next day.. and we would not be awake!

Friday – our last day working here!

I started off doing the final coat of paint on the exterior part of the house – it was a bit of a challenge as I had to climb up scaffolding and it wasn't oooverly stable! I survived, however!

After lunch – which was my faaaavourite (sausages) – i completed the painting whilst grace was cutting the grass (the old fashioned way) then we both helped Kaarlo make a work bench for him to use to cut logs for the winter!! It was made completely out of scrap wood and Kaarlo taught me to use a saw properley (lol he looks like a proud father in the photo) and even had my first go with a chainsaw.. a scary thought for anyone who knows me!

We then packed all our belongings and enjoyed a looovely family meal together in the evening – safe to say we are going to miss these guys! They've been incredible hosts!

Friday – Leaving day 😔😔
We set off around 11.30ish to Sariselka which is a small town south of Ivalo.. we had a look up the arctic hill which is used for skiing in the winter.

It was freezing and we had a little picnic at the top – coffee was essential to keep warm! I tried a cloudberry jam donut and it was sooooo good (cloudberries are only grown in lapland, apparently).

We then dropped Julie off in Ivalo and headed back up north to Kaamanen where we were heading to our new 'home' and workaway.

We arrived at the hostel / hotel and said a sad goodbye to Leila and Kaarlo.. we are planning to catch up with them when we head south!

We were greeted by kiera who showed us around and introduced us to Eva and Anna (two girls also volunteering here). Our 'romantic log cabin' isn't quite what we were expecting and we weren't 100% sure if they knew we were a couple, as our bed situation was a little strange.. one single bed and another bed which is actually a bench with a very thin mattress. But hey ho! We unpacked, made it a little homely and had some dinner.


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