24/07/2017- 31/07/2017

We've had a bit of a crazy week, filled with ups and downs. We haven't been overly happy with our latest workaway and decided we would leave early (3 weeks early). We decided this within a couple of days and gave the host a decent amount of notice and thankfully they managed to find a willing replacement. Our decision was primarily based on the fact we didn't enjoy the type of work, weren't overly comfortable with the living situation.. feeling like the profile online wasn't completely honest. We also found out we can't stay in the schengen area for as long as we hoped with Grace's visa (that's a whole different story) and didn't want to spend/ waste any more travel time in lapland, Finland … as we had already been here for a month!

Kiera, the hosts cousin, who actually does the majority of the work it seems, was lovely and very welcoming.. we really enjoyed hearing her stories and getting to know her! The work we were doing was predominately housekeeping, laundry and doing dishes.. the location was incredibly remote and I think we unfortunately underestimated how little there was around!

However, despite the above negatives, we were able to try a number of local food dishes and also, there was the CUUUTEST little dog called eda (7months) who we spent a lot of our time taking on walks and cuddling with (honestly the highlight of the workaway).

We also were lucky enough to have some great weather throughout the week, resulting in some beaaautiful evenings and even a slight sunset with the slowly disappearing midnight sun!

The rest of our spare time was spent relaxing, watching movies, going in the sauna, in the lake and we even managed to go out on the lake with a pedal boat!

By the time Sunday came around we had finished working, packed up our bags and enjoyed watching harry p in front of the fire!

Overall, despite being very unhappy at the start and also having to deal with some intense visa situations, (thanks parents for helping 😘😇), we did really enjoy our 9days in kaamanen.. but we were very pleased to not be staying for the initially planned month!

On a very grim, wet Monday morning we hopped on the bus to Rovaniemi, which of course was late whilst we waited in the rain for 25 minutes! 😆😆


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