Both of us were veeery tired this morning, but we head down to breakfast at 8.30 before starting work. 

Again, it was a bit of a ‘same shit, different day’ situation today – not that I’m complaining, but we were still completing these bloody windows in the morning! We added the remaining coat of white paint and the exterior face was also painted a grey/blue. By lunch time, we had FINISHED THE WINDOWS – halleluuuujah! 

Unimpressed ft. croissant bun

Lunch time came and we all gathered around and enjoyed a wonderful curry cooked by Leila – she really does smash it every meal.. even if it is a painful process sometimes. It was a pretty hot day today around 28 degrees and the mosquitoes were ‘extremely angry’ according to kaarlo – just wonderful.

We loaded up on the repellent and covered up to head to the out building and add the final coat of paint to the frames of the new laundry room. This surprisingly took a good 2 hours as there was quite a lot of detail involved aaand, considering the ‘angry mosquitos’ that were surrounding us, we were enjoying being outside and completing this job.

All the other guys were also finishing up the other windows (there are ALOT of windows in this place.. each with 3 separate layers – hence why it’s taking a while to complete). Luca was finishing scraping the old paint of the exterior wall of the house and I believe, after 3 days he had completed that also. Overall, it was a very productive day! 

After work we retreated to our room for a well earned cuppa and started Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (I’m making grace watch them all, as apparently she hasn’t seen them all?!?!)
Around 6ish Leila said they’d set up the sauna – what a dreaaaaam that was! We managed two sessions, broken up with a very cold shower to cool off. Definitely worked up a good sweat on that one though 😅😅 all the others then separately went in the sauna and we all sat down to play some cards before a late dinner! 



Woke up to a huuuge mosquito bite in the middle of my forehead.. Grace hinted I was resembling an avatar (got to love her) and also a swollen hand from another bite – they really seemed to have taken a liking to me, which is v great. 
Had some breakfast and then today we were back in the main house lightly sanding the base coat of paint we added to the window frames the other day and then added the final coat. This was a little more challenging than I thought it would be and Grace was definitely better than me at the finishing, but I like to think I improved as we went on! 
Ultimate concentration…

Lunch was a yummy omelette, salad and some new potatoes.. followed by a good cup of coffee / tea. 

We then continued to paint the windows and I accidently kicked over the whole tin of paint – claaaassic laura. Luckily we managed to rescue a lot of the paint (I say we, grace sorted it all out 😇😇) and hide the damage with some newspaper. After this we were pretty much done for the day! 

We finished around 4ish and the evening flew by with us not doing a whooole lot. I did have an interesting experience with the shower, however. The water decided to cut out mid- wash, leaving me covered in shower gel, which I then had to wash off in the sink! Today just didn’t seem like my day ahah but hey-ho! It’s all part of the experience!! Spent the night chatting to the other volunteers and reading our books.. not too bad at all 😊


We woke up around 9.30 which was a much needed lay in! Had a cuppa and then head downstairs for some breakfast with the others. Today we had another new arrival called Ana, from Latvia. Today was the ideal lazy Sunday where we all just did our own things – heading for walks, reading our books, playing table tennis and also some cards! There isn’t a whole lot else to do here, which is actually pretty nice! 
For lunch Leila made a laaavely vegetable soup and also a Finnish pancake, which is actually baked in the oven. It was very cake-like and not too bad when you added a little Jam! Grace ofc made a little special dairy-free one for herself 😆
After lunch we started to sketch and look up ideas for a tiny house design.. something we hope to get started when we return to NZ together – exciting!!! 

Dinner is very amusing now because we have soooo many nationalities around one table – and the broken English makes for some unreal entertainment for the both of us! But, to be fair to them all they speak pretty good English considering it’s not their first language! 
Grace wasnt feeling 100% so after dinner we went upstairs and finished harry p! Randomly, we were both very awake around 12am so we decided to head down to the river and check out the midnight sun! This was a greaaaat idea as it was absolutely beautiful – was just a shame that the bloody mosquitos were out in full force! If you haven’t guessed by now, these Mosquitos are a nightmare!! 


It’s our day off! We still needed to be up early as we were off to Ivalo airport to pick up the new workawayer, Julie, who is from France. We went to the first supermarket to pick up some supplies.. I fiiiinally bought some English breakfast tea (missed it all week). We then made it to the airport and after picking up Julie we headed to the other supermarket. Here we also managed to find a new tent (wooo) to replace the one that we lost on our way out here! For €49 aswell – buzzing! 

By the time we were done at the supermarket (honestly, its the longest thing of my life) it was long gone lunch time so we started heading back up north to Inari, where we stopped by the side of the lake for a soup and coffee stop! The view was stunning and luckily the sunshine just stayed out for us! 

Next we went to the Sami museum where we learnt all about the Sami culture and lifestyle, which was interesting. Also managed to catch a quick screening of a movie about the Northern Lights. 

After this we hopped back in the car and drove another hour or so back to Angeli. 

We were all pretty tired after the long drive back, so we popped dinner on and pretty much head to bed straight after!  


We woke up to much warmer temperatures, prepped ourselves for the mosquitos and covered up for work outside! 
We started the day by sanding the window frames of the new laundry room. This took a good few hours, but it was pretty enjoyable and quite satisfying when you see the hard work paying off! The Mosquitos, on the other hand, were a bloody nightmare (as usual) and I reckon we both got bitten 10-15 times through our clothes! 
After lunch, I began painting the base coat of the recently sanded window frames, whilst grace sanded the frames to the sauna room. I accidently painted the wrong part (put the wood paint on the metal – oops) however, Kaarlo was very sweet about it and insisted it wasn’t a problem.. just a wee miscommunication between the two languages! Grace smashed the sanding of the other window and also began painting. 

Me ‘sulking’ because I did it wrong hahaha

We finished work around 4, had a quick little coffee break and then headed out in the canoes on the river! Because of the rain over the past 2 days the boats were fulllll of water so Kaarlo emptied them as the water level had risen so much. We started off canoeing well and all was smooth, however, when we started rowing into the stream it was suchhhh a workout.. we felt like we were barely moving against the strong current caused by the rainfall. 
Eventually we made it back to land where we both then went and relaxed inside. After dinner, we decided to go and chill upstairs and fell asleep watching harry p … its a hard life haha.


Today we woke up to SUCH cold weather! Literally around 3-5 degrees!! Luckily, Grace and I were working inside, painting a base coat on the windows we previously sanded. This was a little challenging just with the manoeuvring of the windows with wet paint, however we made it through it. Poor Luca (who we love and is incredibly sweet) had to work outside in the cold scraping paint off the exterior walls.. we were v grateful not to be doing this! One bonus to the colder temperature, is that there were NO MOSQUITOS.. what a dream!

The rest of the day was reasonably uneventful and very relaxing (trying to keep warm). We did get to try a traditional Finnish pea soup which you add raw onion and Finnish mustard to.. it was soooo good and more importantly, very cheap. And omgggg the mustard is so so soooo good. We will definitely be buying this when we eventually head south and camp!! 


Again, we had SUCH a good sleep and were aching from all the heavy labour we did yesterday. Breakfast was laaavely and excessively large (as with all the meals here) and we started work again at 9.30. Today we didn’t have to wear the mosquito hats (wooooo) as we were working in the main house. 

We cleared the room downstairs of all the belongings and were told we were going to be knocking the wall down which partly separated the room. This used to be the old border house office which had a holding area and the main office itself.. kaarlos tool shed, which is in this room, used to be the old gun cupboard and the machine gun holders are still placed on the wall! 
Anyway, we started by removing the upper and lower skirting board and then began to take off the main face of the wall using axes, crowbars, screwdrivers or a knife. It was quite a challenge tbh, but within 2 hours or so, we had removed the bulk of the wall. 

We had a spot of lunch followed by the audial (and necessary) caffeine fix. Kaarlo then joined us to help remove the wooden framing.. some of those screws were huuuuge. But after that, it was finished and the room looked completely different!!  

Another pretty physical day of work was finished and we just relaxed and did a little bit of organising and cleaning. 

We then got the chance to use their traditional Finnish sauna to soothe our aching muscles – it was a dreaaam and we both loved it 😆

After, we enjoyed some dinner and head to bed again, very tired… and covered in bites 🙄